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Ad Games

Advertising on the web gets a new look.

Adapted to the interactive medium, the Advertising Games invite immediate eye contact with products and logos. For that purpose all known variations of games are useful: brainteasers, puzzles, action games.

Specific target groups are easy to reach; even more so with our FreePuzzle since this engages an even bigger group, from the youngest to the eldest.

Your advertising should provide another incentive to visit your site again. Do you know any other advertising with the same effect?

Other pivotal advantages over common advertising:

  • Sharp focus on your product / logo by concentrating on the game
  • Long retention period after dealing with your product / logo
  • High stimulus to retry by using challenge mode (high score)
  • Multiplier: Tell-a-friend function and Challenge-a-friend function
  • Modular programming allows multiple use (winning game, e-greetings)
  • Data ascertainment and marketing research is possible

    For the adaptation of the games we will need:

  • Your logo (file)
  • Your graphics (file, high resolution)
  • Additional text (where required)
  • Sound effects (where required)
  • Information about your CI: colors, fonts, graphics (where required)

    We undertake the adaptation of your CI and create a design at your disposal. If needed, we suggest sound and other features.

    The hosting is usually done by Active-Websight.


    Active Games

    Our games are structured and designed as advertising tools. Your product either stays in the foreground, is to be uncovered or is a main element of the game itself.

    Besides FreePuzzle two other Ad Games are now available: A brainteaser and an action game. Programmed in flash and with the smallest data size possible all of them ensure fast access, smooth running and compatibility to (nearly) all systems.

    All of our games will be delivered in adaptation to your CI and are easily implemented.

    The modular programming warrants various usages:

    Basic module:

  • Resourcing of the game "just for fun", high score included
  • Adaptation to your Corporate Design and - if needed - to the context of your advertising campaign
  • Designed with requested features (logo animation, sound, etc.)
  • Counseling and technical support
  • Licencing for national / international use

    Tell-a-friend function:
  • Multiplier
  • Recommendation of the game and of your product to friends and relations
  • A link in the game will open a message with another link to your site

    Challenge-a-friend function:
  • Multiplier
  • After finishing the game, the player has the opportunity to forward both the game's url
        and the results to a friend either as a challenge or an info pack
  • The link to your site is sent with the message

    Winning game module:
  • Multiplier
  • Improved traffic on your site featuring the winning game
  • Encouraged to retry by the chance to win
  • Listing of your game in the most popular search engines
  • Database to do direct data ascertainment and marketing research
  • Data support and ascertainment of the winner (if requested) by Active-Websight

    E-greeting module:
  • Multiplier
  • The graphics of your advertising become playful e-greeting cards
  • The recognition of your Ad Game will arouse the recipient to be engaged immediately,
        because the card can only be read by playing the game

  • The link to your site will be sent with the e-greeting card
  • Full service by Active-Websight

    Programming at your disposal:
  • Active-Websight will realize your ideas: puzzles, brainteasers, action games, quiz...
  • You need a flash-intro to your site? We'll do it for you.
  • From conceptional work to hosting, full service is our strong point!



    The license is valid for 12 months, other arrangements can be made.
    Every use of the games is stipulated.

    Please feel free to contact us for pricing structures. An offer will be tailored to your specific needs.


    Click it!

    Click it! means the fascination of strategy! However, its principle is as easy as puzzling. The player's aim is to remove all the equal colored blocs from the playground. This will uncover your graphics and allow the full view of the promoted product.

    The texture of the playground implies infinite variations and requires different solution strategies.

    Up to three levels awaken the player's ambition and it is quite advanced from level two onwards.

    Multiple possibilities of the graphic design: Click it! can be utilized as part of any advertising campaign or on its own.


    FreePuzzle is the perfect simulation of the real game. It is a classic one, but a rarity on the Internet! It had barely been featured on freepuzzle.de in December 2000, when the game caused a stir. The presentation on TV, in the print media and of course in the search engines attracted thousands of puzzle fans.

    The statistics of our first customers testify to its success.

    FreePuzzle is available with 20 pieces and 40 pieces. Variations are possible to an extent. The size and the clarity of the playground, the easy handling (drag&drop), the optical and acoustical status messages and the functionality of flash programming will guarantee access to the game for all persons, using any kind of system.

    Every graphic - logo, photo or freeze image of a spot advertisement - invites a puzzle. And as every puzzle can be solved, this advertising will always be successful!

    Append X

    Append X uses the natural human drive to collect things, and also gives a growing thrill to the player by getting faster and tougher level by level. Thinking of a positive perception of your advertising and your product is featured as a collecting object. The more the player collects, the better...

    Resembling classic games like "Snake", Append X is playable in an intuitive way.

    The player's goal is to guide a snake/worm through the playground and to collect objects (eat them). The collected objects will be appended to the snake and also give points to the player.

    Adaptions are possible in every sense, so that all elements of the game and its environment may be designed as desired by you.


    PowerUp introduces the action games category. Contrary to other games in this genre it doesn't request any demolition or the fastest shooting down of chickens, UFOs or other targets. Thinking of a positive perception of your advertising we want to feature your product as the rescuing element of the game. The more the player gets the better he feels...

    The idea of the game is traditional, and PowerUp follows the principle "run-and-jump". Its handling is very easy, which is improved by its reduced controling: you only have to move the mouse.

    The player's aim is to fly with his engine as long as possible and to collect a certain number of objects. Each of these objects gives additional time and energy. Of course, there are many obstacles preventing a smooth flight. The player wins by flying through all three levels and by collecting the requested number of objects.

    The storyboard and the design of this (beta) version is done in such a way that adaptation to any kind of context and advertising campaign is possible. All elements of the game and its environment are designed as desired by you.


    Contact and further information:

    To discuss any questions, (constructive) criticism, ideas and suggestions, please contact:

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